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Discover how our robust solutions can save you time and labor, while drastically increasing efficiency and service quality. Simply call us directly at 407-870-0040 or take a moment to fill out the contact form. One of our specialists will contact you directly to answer any questions you have about how Micro Key Solutions can transform your business.


1631 E. Vine Street
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Customer Stories

Discover the edge our industry-specific software gives to countless businesses like yours. Find out what makes us an alarm industry leader.

It has made our business so much better. More organized and simplistic. We can keep our clients' info all in one spot and are able to run accurate reports daily. What makes Micro Key's product stand out from others we've used? The user-friendly software makes it easy for anyone to navigate through.


How has your business been impacted since starting to use Micro key's product? Ease of billing and cloud service is SO convenient being able to log in from even home computers for working from home. Customer service is fantastic!